NCMA Membership

Naval Civilian Managers Association...As with all organizations, the strength begins with the local chapter. Local chapters are encouraged to become aware of both local and national issues that could have an effect on the Department of the Navy. At the local level, NCMA provides an effective means of communicating among the civilian and military leaders. Through activities such as business meetings, guest speakers, luncheons, and social activities sponsored by NCMA, close working relationships are developed among our members to the benefit of the Navy.

NCMA provides a means by which activity leaders can communicate with leaders in Federal, State and local governments, educational institutions and private industry. Through NCMA, an activity can effectively present its message and promote understanding and respect of its mission in the community.

Whether working on technical, political, or even social issues, local NCMA chapters have a large network of professionals to call upon, both inside and out of the Navy. With over 600 members, any type of assistance is available.

How do you join? If you’re interested in becoming a member of NCMA, or in forming a chapter at your command, you can contact one of the listed "local chapters".

Please refer to the article NCMA About - Bylaws for eligibility requirements.