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To become a member of the NCMA, you can fill out an application under the "Membership Center" Tab above.  Prior to applying, you may want to review the bylaws to see if you are eligible.  You can also attend an NCMA luncheon as a guest with no obligation. 


New Member Information and FAQs

Q:  What happens now that I've submitted my membership application?

As required in the NCMA Lakehurst  Bylaws, the application is first screened for eligibility by the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee then makes its recommendation to the NCMA Lakehurst Chapter Members at the next meeting.  Assuming that the Membership Committee approves the application, the NCMA members then vote on each prospective member at the next meeting.  In general, GS-13 and above applicants are eligible for membership.

Q:  What do I receive when my application is approved by NCMA membership at the business meeting?

New members receive a NCMA Certificate of Membership and lapel pin.  If you have not received your certificate and pin, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.

Q:  How can I pay my dues?

Please fill out a SF 1187.  Dues are taken out of your paycheck as an allotment.

Q:  How do I get notified about meetings?

When your dues allotment form is received, your name is placed on the NCMA master mailing list and you will receive an e-mail about 2 weeks before each meeting.

If you know that dues are being deducted from your paycheck and you're still not getting any notifications, please let us know so we can fix the problem.

Q:  How can I join a committee?

Notify any member of the Executive Committee.  You can also volunteer at any business meeting.

Q:  Is the NCMA a government organization?

The NCMA is not a government organization.  Membership is however limited to government employees (and some special cases) as specified in the  Bylaws.

If you have any other questions, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.  We are here to serve you