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Joint Base at Lakehurst Chapter

An Association dedicated to promoting the improvement of

Management in the Department of the Navy, communication

Among its members, and to fostering a positive standing

within the local community.

     NCMA Lakehurst is proud to be the only NAVAIR NCMA Chapter in the National Organization. As part of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act, NAVAIR Lakehurst has become part of Joint Base McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst (JB MDL) as of 1 October 2009.

     The Lakehurst portion of JB MDL is the world's only provider of full spectrum support for aircraft launch, recovery and support equipment systems for Naval Aviation Forces at sea and Marine Corps Expeditionary Aviation Forces ashore. NAVAIR provides these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both from the home base in Lakehurst as well as aboard Navy deployed ships and Marine Expeditionary Forces. From system development, prototyping, testing, production, and in-service engineering, the base provides the Navy and Marine Corps aviation forces with all their Aircraft Platform Interface needs.

     As is the NCMA National organization, the Joint Base at Lakehurst NCMA Chapter is a nonprofit organization consisting of naval civilians in leadership positions.  This Chapter exists to provide support to command initiatives, the community, and our deployed Sailors and Marines.  There are currently over 150 Lakehurst employees ranging from grades GS-13 through the SES level belonging to the NCMA.  It is a growing organization with strong support from NAVAIR leadership.

2018NCMAYear     NCMA meetings are held during a luncheon on the third Wednesday of every month.  During these luncheons, speakers talk about topics that directly affect naval aviation.  These speakers have included high level leadership in NAVAIR such as RDML Darrah, Community leaders such as Congressman MacArthur, as well as others influential leaders at the Joint Base.

     The NCMA chapter at Lakehurst has been honored with the prestigious NCMA Chapter of the year award in both 2012, 2013 & 2018.  This award is presented every year at the National Conference and is based on based on the success of the chapter over the year.  This honor was received partially to an unprecedented increase in membership (over 50%) as well as to several new NCMA programs initiated at Lakehurst.  These new programs include:


1)      Organizing an effort with the local schools to collect items and then ship Care packages to our troops overseas.
2)      Establish a Joint Base at Lakehurst Newsletter.
3)      Organizing an NCMA Golf Tournament as a fund raiser for the Wounded Warriors Project
4)      Sponsoring a SEAPERCH competion in New Jersey.



A native of New York City, NY, Mr. Gilbert Espinoza graduated from City College of New York in 1985 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Espinoza accepted an Engineering position with Naval Air Engineering Center (NAEC), located at Lakehurst, NJ. NAEC eventually became part of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (an Echelon III Command under Naval Air Systems Command, which is Echelon II). NAWCAD Lakehurst is now part of the Nation’s only Tri-Base in the United States Department of Defense, namely Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst.

DSC 0048          Mr. Espinoza earned a Master’s Degree in Information Technology in 2004 from Capital University, MD. In addition, Mr. Espinoza became a NAVAIR AIRSpeed Black Belt (Continuous Process Improvement), and he graduated from the Senior Executive Management Development Program that same year. Mr. Espinoza, who spent approximately 20 years in the Engineering Competency, migrated over to the Logistics Competency to continue serving as a Supervisor in a vastly different environment. This crossover proved to be beneficial to both Mr. Espinoza and the Command.

              As someone who truly understands the importance of harnessing Leadership within the workforce, Mr. Espinoza, as the current Logistics Department Head for Aviation Readiness and Resource Analysis, fully embraces NCMA’s Core Competency of “Inspiring Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Navy.” Mr. Espinoza has authored and conducted Career Development Workshops for the Lakehurst Workforce. Mr. Espinoza presented an important topic during the 2017 NCMA National Symposium discussing the importance of understanding the fact that we now have four (soon to be five) distinct generations within our collective workforce. As a steadfast believer of the importance of Mentoring, Mr. Espinoza presently mentors over twenty individuals.

              Mr. Espinoza, currently at the beginning stages of executing his second term as the Lakehurst Chapter President, has the unique pleasure of working with a truly professional NCMA Executive Team: Ms. Jill Macintyre (1st Vice-President); Mr. Gaetan Mangano (2nd Vice-President); Mr. Farhad Choudhury (Secretary) and Ms. Laura Silveri (Treasurer).



As part of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act, NAVAIR Lakehurst has become part of Joint Base McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst (JB MDL) as of 1 October 2009. The Lakehurst portion of JB MDL is the world's only provider of full spectrum support for aircraft launch, recovery and support equipment systems for Naval Aviation Forces at sea and Marine Corps Expeditionary Aviation Forces ashore. NAVAIR provides these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both from the home base in Lakehurst as well as aboard Navy deployed ships and Marine Expeditionary Forces. From system development, prototyping, testing, production, and in-service engineering, the base provides the Navy and Marine Corps aviation forces with all their Aircraft Platform Interface needs.

Navy Lakehurst, as it is collectively known, occupies 7,412 acres in the million-acre Pinelands National Reserve in central New Jersey. Here, the Naval Air Engineering Station provides the facilities and services to support the people and programs of Navy Lakehurst as well as other activities, units, and tenants on the base. The Station is also home to the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC), Lakehurst. As the largest occupant of the base, NAWC, Lakehurst operates as the Aircraft Platform Interface Group for technical mission support. This specialized niche of Naval Aviation pertains to the equipment, services, and processes needed to assure that fixed and rotary wing aircraft can operate from aircraft carriers, other air capable ships, and Marine Corps expeditionary sites. Navy Lakehurst is responsible for the catapults that launch the aircraft; the landing aids that guide them back to the ship; the arresting gear that recovers them on the deck; and all of the support equipment to move, service, and maintain aircraft.

Lakehurst began as a remote ammunition proving ground for the Russian Imperial Government in 1915. Acquired two years later by the U.S. Army, Lakehurst continued in this function until 1921 when it was commissioned as an air station for the U.S. Navy. Between 1921 and 1961, Lakehurst operated as a Lighter Than Air Center for rigid airships, and became the Nation’s first trans-Atlantic international airport. At one time or another, all of the Navy’s rigid airships were housed in Hangar One, as well as Germany’s two most famous ones the Hindenburg and the Graf Zeppelin. Today, Hangar One is a registered historical landmark, and the home of the Carrier Aircraft Launch and Support Systems Equipment Simulator, a one-quarter scale model carrier deck used for training Navy personnel. Nearby is the Hindenburg Memorial which marks the site of the 1937 crash. With the demise of dirigibles, Lakehurst turned its focus to aircraft carriers, helicopters, and airplanes. These innovations enabled air power to be interwoven with sea power, eventually leading the base to its current mission. Lakehurst features many unique facilities such as a 12,000-foot dedicated test runway, a catapult launch test site with deadload launch capability, a runway arrested landing site, an elevated fixed platform, a jet blast deflector area, a jet car track site, and a manufacturing complex. Among the best practices documented were Lakehurst’s carrier operations analysis; geographic information system; defense standardization program; and parts control program.

Navy Lakehurst is the critical link between air Navy and sea Navy. In addition to supporting this vital mission, Lakehurst provides outstanding community outreach programs; partners with local businesses and academia; and pioneers environmental and energy conservation efforts. The base has received numerous awards including the Quality Improvement Prototype Award (equivalent to the Malcolm Baldrige Award); the Environmental Showcase Installation Award; the Silver Gull Award; the Gold Nugget Award; and the Aviation Week Quality Center Award. The accomplished workforce at Navy Lakehurst is dedicated to total quality leadership and cost effective, reliable, technology superior support. The BMP survey team considers the following practices to be among the best in industry and government.





Prepared by: Bylaws Committee
Approved by: Active Membership
Approval date: 01 JUL 2010
Amendment date: 28 Feb 2012


1.      The name of this organization is the “Joint Base at Lakehurst Chapter, Naval Civilian Managers Association”, informally referred to as the “Lakehurst chapter”.

2.      The emblem of the Association shall be a gold spread eagle on a blue shield with the gold anchor flukes and letters N C M A on curve at the bottom of the shield.



1.      Purpose: The NCMA is a private, non-profit organization, established to promote the improvement of management in the Department of Navy, to improve communication among its members, and to foster a positive standing within the local community.

2.      Objectives for the Association participants:

a.       To provide a forum where managers and leaders of the joint base can share ideas and experiences on how to be more effective at managing and leading within the Department of Defense (DoD) and local environments.
b.      To provide situational awareness on objectives, policies, and procedures relating to the base and its relationships with the DoD and local community.

3.      Objectives for the base leadership:

a.       To make civilian representation available to Navy and other Joint Base leadership for participating on committees that generate policies and decisions at all levels.
b.      To make available to leaders of the Navy and the Joint Base, motivated managers to undertake special assignments of short duration to help enhance the technical capability, community relations, and other objectives of the base.

4.      Objectives for the base workforce:

a.       To advocate for the legitimate interests of the workforce at the base, including a professional environment with good physical working conditions.
b.      To promote the mission and work of the base, including the short-term and long-term welfare of the employees.

5.      Objectives for the local community:

a.       To create and maintain a positive relationship with the local community, working with them on common objectives, and creating a positive image of the base.


1.      In consideration of individuals for participation in this local chapter, there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or other non-merit factors.

a.       Navy Civilian Managers and leaders may be “Active Members” of the organization with full rights and obligations.  They pay full dues, may vote on all issues, and are eligible to hold Lakehurst chapter office or NCMA National office.
b.      Non-Navy Civilian Managers and leaders may be “Associates” of the organization with limited rights and obligations.  They pay partial dues, and may vote on most chapter issues but not on bylaws or officers.  In addition, they are not eligible to hold Lakehurst chapter office or NCMA National office. 
c.       Honorary membership in the organization may be extended to Military officers and civilian employees in accordance with provisions contained in these bylaws.  “Honorary Members” do not pay dues, may not vote, and are not eligible to hold Lakehurst chapter office or NCMA National office.
d.      Emeritus membership in the organization may be extended to retiring employees who were “Active Members” at the time of their retirement.  “Emeritus Members” do not pay dues, may not vote, and are not eligible to hold Lakehurst chapter office or NCMA National office.

2.      All categories of participation shall be consistent with the bylaws of the National Association and with such additional qualifications as are included in these bylaws. In addition, all categories of participation shall have demonstrated adherence to accepted personal and professional ethical codes and a disposition to cooperate with others. Deviation from qualifications contained in these bylaws shall require approval of two-thirds vote of all “Active Members” of this chapter.

3.      Active Members shall be limited to Naval Civilian Managers and leaders who are physically working at the Lakehurst Joint Base as follows:

a.       Organizational managers or leaders (Department Head, Division Head, Branch Head, or other organization leader) 
b.      Technical managers or leaders (program manager, project lead, or other senior individual in the organization)
c.       Individuals that affect policy within their spheres of influence

4.      Associates shall be limited to government Civilian Managers and leaders as specified in paragraph 3 above, who are physically working at the Lakehurst Joint Base but who are non-Navy (e.g. Air Force or Army).

5.      In order to implement the above, the Lakehurst chapter President shall appoint an Eligibility Committee composed of 3 “Active Members”, with one of the individuals assigned as its chairman.

6.      Removal of an “Active Member” or of an officer shall be in accordance with Article IV of the National bylaws, or of any superseding provision of these bylaws.  Removal of an “Associate” or of an Honorary or Emeritus member will be by majority vote of the “Active Members” of this chapter.



1.      The leadership of this Association shall consist of five elected officers as follows:

a.       President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee, and shall preside over all meetings at which he or she is present.
b.      First Vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, and shall automatically succeed to that position should the office of President become vacant for any reason during the period of his or her tenure.
c.       Second Vice President shall be a primary point of contact between the Association and the surrounding communities, making efforts to promote good will for the Association and the Joint Base.
d.      Secretary shall maintain all records of the chapter, shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings and shall report same as required.
e.       Treasurer shall maintain all financial records of the chapter, shall have custody of chapter funds and shall be responsible for the collection of dues, and the reporting of such matters at regular meetings.

2.      Nominations for offices shall be made at the regular meeting held in November of each odd numbered year.  Only “Active Members” may be nominated for elected office, and elections shall be open to all “Active Members”. Voting will be conducted by electronic ballot between the November and December meetings.  Officers will be elected with the approval of a majority of those voting, and the results of the election shall be authenticated and reported at the December meeting. The newly elected officers shall assume their duties in January following the election.

3.      Officers shall serve for a period of two years and may succeed themselves indefinitely.  A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the First Vice President until the next election.  A vacancy in any other office shall be filled by a special election at the regular meeting following the occurrence of such vacancy.


1.      The standing committees of the Lakehurst chapter shall be as follows:

a.       Executive Committee shall consist of the 5 elected officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), and chairmen of each of the other committees.  The President of the chapter shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President and prior to the regular chapter meeting for the purpose of considering major items that are to be brought before the chapter.  The Executive Committee shall review such items scheduled for presentation at the chapter meeting. 
b.      Eligibility Committee shall review and determine eligibility of each nominee for all categories of participation, and shall report its findings to the Executive Committee.  The President shall present the eligible candidate for a vote at the next regular meeting. 
c.       Bylaws Committee shall prepare bylaws and amendments to bylaws in accordance with such efforts directed by the Executive Committee.
d.      Audit Committee shall, during the month of January audit the financial records of the chapter for the preceding year and report its findings at the February meeting.
e.       Luncheon Committee shall coordinate with the Executive Committee to determine requirements for each monthly luncheon meeting, will make arrangements for the meeting, and will notify the Active Members and other NCMA participants of place and time of each upcoming luncheon or meeting. 

2.      Ad hoc committees may be appointed at any time at the discretion of the chapter President. 


1.      The chapter shall meet monthly.  However, at the discretion of the President, a monthly meeting may be omitted if there appears to be no necessity for such meeting.  In no circumstances, however, shall more than three consecutive months be missed.

2.      During election years, meetings of the chapter must be held in November for the nomination of officers, in December to receive the results of the election, and in January for the new officers to assume their duties.

3.      For an official meeting to be held, there must be a quorum consisting of the President or, in his/her absence, one of the Vice Presidents, one additional officer, and at least one-fifth of the “Active Members” of the chapter.


1.      “Active Member” dues of this Lakehurst chapter will include local and National dues, and shall be paid by payroll deduction.  National dues per Active Member shall be fixed by recorded action of the National Association and payable in accordance with requirements of the National Association. 

2.      “Associate” dues of this Lakehurst chapter will include only Lakehurst chapter dues, and shall be paid semi-annually by January 1 and July 1.  Upon failure to pay dues within two months from these dates, delinquent Associates will be so notified by the Treasurer.  Failure to pay dues within 30 days from such notification may result in suspension, unless the Associate is incapacitated by illness or absent on official duty for the period of delinquency.

3.      Special Lakehurst chapter assessments may be levied for short-term requirements, subject to approval by two-thirds vote of the “Active Members” and “Associates”.


1.      Proposed amendments to these bylaws or a revision of the entire set of bylaws shall be referred to the Bylaws Committee who shall draft the proposed materials for presentation at a regular chapter meeting.  A final draft shall be furnished to all “Active Members” of the Lakehurst chapter at least ten days in advance of the next regular meeting, at which the proposed changes will be discussed.

2.      Voting will then be by electronic ballot, with a two-thirds vote of all the Lakehurst chapter “Active Members” being necessary to ratify new bylaws or any amendment to existing bylaws.


1.      Proceedings of the Lakehurst chapter shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order insofar as they are consistent with the bylaws.  The following shall be the typical order of business:

a.       Call to order by the presiding officer
b.      Welcoming of guests
c.       Reading of minutes of previous meeting
d.      Report of the Treasurer
e.       Communications
f.       Voting in of new members
g.      Report of the Executive Committee
h.      Report of special committees
i.        Unfinished business
j.        New business
k.      Guest Speakers
l.        Announcement of date of next meeting.
m.    Adjournment.



1.        Each January, the Treasurer shall prepare and submit a budget to the full membership for their review and comment.  The budget shall include an itemized list of anticipated revenues and proposed expenditures, as well as actual balance at the start of the year and planned balance for the end of the year. For reference, the budget should show at least the three prior years of historical planned vs actual revenues and expenditures.

2.         At the February meeting each year, the submitted budget will be discussed, modified as required, and voted on. A majority of members present at the February meeting voting to “Approve” the proposed budget will be required to pass it.

3.         Expenses will be paid by the President or Treasurer in accordance with the approved budget allocations.  As revenues come in and funds are expended, an account balance will be maintained.  Summary information on revenue, expenses, and balances will be provided by the Treasurer at the monthly luncheon meetings.

4.         Proposed expenses that are significantly above the limits of budget allocations need to be voted on and authorized by the membership prior to the President or Treasurer taking action on these expenses for the organization.

5.         At no time may an obligation be authorized which will take the organization's account balance into the negative, even temporarily.  Therefore, there is no foreseeable situation where the organization's Officers or members are responsible to cover a negative balance.

6.         Each January, an audit shall be performed by the Audit Committee to verify that the financial records are being properly maintained, and that the budget is being followed in accordance with these NCMA Chapter bylaws. The results of the audit shall be reported to the membership at the meeting immediately following completion of the audit.



1.         This NCMA Chapter may be dissolved by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Active Members,  with concurrence of three-fourths (3/4) of the Executive Board.

2.          In the event of dissolution of the Chapter, an emergency meeting of the full membership shall be called to determine how the budget allocations should be revised in order to expend the remaining account balances.  If a revised budget cannot be agreed on by a majority of the members present, the remaining balance at time of dissolution of the organization shall be evenly distributed to each of the Active Members and Associates at that time.



The Joint Base is located in central NJ approximately 60 miles from New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. 



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To become a member of the NCMA, you can fill out an application under the "Membership Center" Tab above.  Prior to applying, you may want to review the bylaws to see if you are eligible.  You can also attend an NCMA luncheon as a guest with no obligation. 


New Member Information and FAQs

Q:  What happens now that I've submitted my membership application?

As required in the NCMA Lakehurst  Bylaws, the application is first screened for eligibility by the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee then makes its recommendation to the NCMA Lakehurst Chapter Members at the next meeting.  Assuming that the Membership Committee approves the application, the NCMA members then vote on each prospective member at the next meeting.  In general, GS-13 and above applicants are eligible for membership.

Q:  What do I receive when my application is approved by NCMA membership at the business meeting?

New members receive a NCMA Certificate of Membership and lapel pin.  If you have not received your certificate and pin, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.

Q:  How can I pay my dues?

Please fill out a SF 1187.  Dues are taken out of your paycheck as an allotment.

Q:  How do I get notified about meetings?

When your dues allotment form is received, your name is placed on the NCMA master mailing list and you will receive an e-mail about 2 weeks before each meeting.

If you know that dues are being deducted from your paycheck and you're still not getting any notifications, please let us know so we can fix the problem.

Q:  How can I join a committee?

Notify any member of the Executive Committee.  You can also volunteer at any business meeting.

Q:  Is the NCMA a government organization?

The NCMA is not a government organization.  Membership is however limited to government employees (and some special cases) as specified in the  Bylaws.

If you have any other questions, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.  We are here to serve you