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As your newly elected National President, I certainly will do my best to maintain the rudder on the course that has been positioned before us. We are entering uncharted waters with the ever-changing workforce at every Chapter location. At this time, we have four generations (and very soon, we will have five generations in place) within our Department of Defense Workforce, which is a massive responsibility for all of our Managers and Supervisors. Our mission is to influence today’s leaders for tomorrow’s Navy. I believe we have been extremely diligent in that respect.

At this year’s National NCMA Symposium, all of our outstanding Guest Speakers expounded that an enhanced sense of National Urgency has emerged. Our adversarial situation is quite dire. We no longer have the largest Navy on this planet. NCMA is empowered to affect change. NCMA can help prepare our respective workforce to understand what 2019 and beyond will require from all of us. It is certainly time to roll up our sleeves.

Due to the urgent nature of our business, reorganizations are an expected endeavor. Naval Air Systems Command is undergoing a massive reorganization at this time as a direct result of being better prepared to respond when required. This enhanced preparedness has amplified the need to create NCMA Chapters at NAVAIR and NAVSEA Headquarters. We will certainly keep you apprised of these significant projects.

It has been a pleasure to be an active member of this great organization, and I am quite sure all of you feel the same way. Unfortunately, some view NCMA as a glorified lunch club, but we need to do our best to promote NCMA at each chapter as a great opportunity to increase awareness, to increase fellowship, and to remind everyone that we are One Team with One Goal: Mission Readiness and On Time Deliveries.

I look forward to my term as the National President alongside my fellow National Board of Trustees, and I do want to acknowledge all of the past National Board Members for their timely leadership and their selfless dedication to the Warfighter with a Huge “Shout Out” to Ms. Debbie Morris, National Vice President, who always goes Above and Beyond.

I am very impressed with this organization, and I will do my best to serve all of you.

Gil Espinoza

National NCMA President



National Officers 2019 -2020

                                                                          Past President - Jimmy Broom,  President - Gil Espinoza, Vice-President - Debbie Morris,

                                                               Member at Large - Melissa Lamerson, Secretary - Grant Bosshardt, Treasurer - Brian Rainaud


                                                                                              "Inspiring Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Navy"