NCMA About - History

The Naval Civilian Managers Association, NCMA, is a management organization of senior civilians in naval activities dedicated to the principle that the interests of this country can best be served by a strong Navy.  They believe that the strength of the Navy depends largely on the degree of the competence and attitude of its civilian leaders and the working relationships between them and the military officials.

The organization is made up of civilian managers in the Navy's shore establishment. Membership is restricted to those who regularly participate in policy decision making. No one is denied membership because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or physical or mental handicap.

The first NCMA National Convention was held on February 21, 1948 in Long Beach, California. Sixteen delegates represented five naval Shipyards, Long Beach, Mare Island, San Francisco, Portsmouth, and Puget Sound. The convention approved the constitution and by-laws.

An official consulative relationship at the Department of the Navy level was entered into on July 31, 1974.